Green Cheek Conures
Also known as Pyrrhura Molinae, Green Cheek Conures are native to South America and were brought over to the US and popularized as pets due to their natural beauty, affectionate and playful disposition, and their intelligence.

They are relatively quiet compared to most other parrots,
 have no offensive odor even when wet, can be potty trained to a certain degree, and are an excellent pet alternative to those with pet allergies. Green cheeks make amazing companions and will tend to bond to a single person, and sometimes, the whole family. They have a high desire to be with their bonded parront and will enjoy a ride on your shoulder while you are around the house. Greek cheek conures are fairly easy to train to do multiple tricks with their favorite treats such as sunflower seeds.

About Us and Our Birds
We are a family that loves animals, especially Green Cheek Conures. We are passionate about our feathered babies and breed happy, healthy chicks of a variety of colors. Our pairs are tested for Psittacosis, Polyomavirus, and Psitaccine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD) and live the best possible life we can give them. We put a huge focus on our pairs' well being and happiness to ensure that they are in the best condition during breeding seasons. We only ask all future parronts to do them same for their babies as well!

Your New Baby
All babies are pulled at 2-3 weeks, hand fed, hand tamed, ability to drink from water bottle dispensers, and learn the Step Up command before going to their new home. Only properly weaned babies that are eating pellets, sprouted seeds,  and regular seeds,  safely and regularly will be ready to be placed in their new homes. Each baby also comes with a small baggie of food (Roudybush Mini size pellets) enough to last 1 week, a Birdtricks toy of their choice (supply allowing), a certificate of their hatch date, band number, and gender, a Green Cheek Conure info brochure, and your receipt.

All chicks will have their wings clipped prior to leaving our care. This will allow the maximum amount of initial free flights before living in a new environment. Although we try to acclimate our babies to common household items and structures such as vacuums, mirrors, and windows, clipped wings aid immensely in training as well as keeping them safe from flying into fans, windows, and other dangerous objects until they're used to their new home. Don't worry, they'll grow back soon enough!

If you have any questions or concerns about your little feathered friend, please email us. Your baby comes with a lifetime support from us if you need training tips, care information, or other general knowledge.

Health Guarantee
We guarantee our babies' health for up to 7 days with no diseases upon shipping or pick up. In the unfortunate event that your little one passes away within those 7 days due to disease, we will refund you the full price of the baby. However, in order to receive this refund, we require that the baby receives a check up at the vet within those 7 days with the paperwork emailed to us at [email protected]. We will also require that the baby is shipped back to us with the band fully intact so that we may send them to an autopsy to discover why the baby passed away. If the baby passed away due to a disease stemming from us, then we will refund you completely.